Research Methods Video & Lectures

We’ve looked up some of the best, most informative, and freely available video clips and lectures on research methodology, and research methods explained, published on the internet and have posted some of these below.  These tutorials and lectures will really help you get a grasp of the subject and help you advance in your study of research methods.

Alan Bryman on Research Methods – Alan Bryman, Professor of Organisational and Social Research at the University of Leicester talks about Research Methods and advice he would give to new researchers. He speaks with clarity and in depth knowledge of his subject. ‘Read lots of examples of good published research’ is a simple, but often overlooked, piece of advice from Mr Byman on this video. This is a short youtube video but in one of the comments below the student says he wished he had seen this video before doing his research proposal.

Conducting Mixed Methods Research Pt1 – Alan Bryman – Another very well presented, quite short video (14.55mins) from Mr Bryman. But Mr Bryman packs in a lot of useful information. He discusses the distinction between qualitative and quantitative research, the rise in the use of qualitative research, compatibility of qualitative and quantitative research and the increasing use of mixed methods.

Creative Research Methods, Dr Helen Kara – In this 23 minute video, from the University of Southampton, Dr Kara explains that she had used creative research methods for over 15 years in her research work, but came up against a complex research question, for which she did not have the relevant research methodological tools.  She searched everywhere for a creative research methods book, found nothing suitable, so wrote her own after studying 800 pieces of research.

This video then goes on to look at four different aspects of this ‘fast moving’ area, where new material is surfacing all the time. Dr Kara discusses Arts based research & techniques, research using technology, mixed methods, and transformative research frameworks.